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Organised by

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Together Against Death Penalty (ECPM)

Created in 2000, the organisation Together Against the Death Penalty (Ensemble contre la peine de mort - ECPM) is the leading French-speaking organisation in the fight towards abolition. ECPM aims at organising and supporting every action that could help fighting against death penalty internationally, at promoting its universal abolition and more broadly, human rights and fundamental freedoms. The organisation supports and encourages the abolitionist cause by creating and circulating publications, reports, educational tools during general public campaigns, but it also lobbies public powers on both national and international levels. Therefore, ECPM calls for the abolition of death penalty, raises public awareness and promotes a humanist conception of justice everywhere in the world.

ECPM is also working in favour of abolitionist actors. The organisation mobilises and gathers new abolitionists, reinforces local actors’ capacities, assists them in their fight against death penalty and works alongside lawyers defending death row prisoners.

ECPM’s values are : working together in the service of humankind and for an audacious action towards the universal abolition of death penalty. The organisation runs the World Congresses held every three years and this Regional Congress in Kuala Lumpur. ECPM has also given itself the mission of raising public awareness on abolition of the death penalty (more specifically via its website, its monthly newsletter and public meetings) and organises research, press events and in the case of executions, international activism campaigns.

Co-organised by

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Founded in 2006, the Anti-Death Penalty Asia Network is an independent, interregional network involved in the Asia Pacific region. It currently has members from 28 countries. ADPAN is composed of NGOs, organisations, civil society groups, attorneys and individuals. It is not linked to any political party, government or religious group. It supports its members and actively promotes abolition by participating in actions – such as the World Day Against the Death Penalty – producing interregional reports and contacting governments. ADPAN will be included in all project phases such as mobilising the local civil society, programming the content of the Congress and other logistic aspects of the regional congress.

In partnership with

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The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM) was founded in 2000. SUHAKAM members were selected to reflect the diversity and pluralism of Malaysian society and also on the basis of the experience, commitment, independence and integrity of the individual. It is composed of specific working groups specialised in either one of the following themes : education and promotions, law reform, treaties and international instruments, economic, social and cultural rights, and complaints and inquiries.

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Bar Council Malaysia

The Bar Council Malaysia is an independent Bar that aims to uphold the rule of law and the cause of justice and protect the legal profession’s interest as well as the public one’s. It gathers more than 12,000 members, 38 of which are elected to manage the affairs and execute the functions of the Bar council Malaysia.