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Regional congress in Rabat

The Regional Congress in Rabat took place at the National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco from October 18 to October 20, 2012. More than 500 congressists were present.

First Regional Congress in Rabat, in the continuity of the World Congress against the Death Penalty.


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Academic programme

Two plenary sessions, six round tables and many workshops.

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Congress Organizers

Together against the death penalty (ECPM)
In partnership with:
The Moroccan organisation for Human Rights (OMDH)
The International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI)
In association with:
The Moroccan Coalition against the Death Penalty (CMCPM)
Sponsoring States:
Spain, Norway, Switzerland

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States and Intergovernmental organisations
Independent institutions
Logistic support

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Practical information

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Contact in Paris
Contact in Rabat

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