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Plenary Session - Asia : the evolution of the situation in this area

Reports :

• European Parliament, Enhancing EU action on the death penalty in Asia, 2012 (53 pages)

• FIDH, The death penalty in North Korea, in the machinery of a totalitarian state, May 2013, (40 pages)

The death penalty project, The Death penalty in Japan, 2013, (68 pages)

• Anti-death penalty Asia Network, When justice fails, thousand executed in Asia after unfair trial, December 2011 (45 pages)

• A question of life and death, The Supreme Court’s admission of error in sentencing 13 convicts to death strengthens the case for abolition of the death penalty, Frontline, September 7 2012, India’s national magazine (136 pages)

Articles :

• Michele Miao, The Politics of China’s death penalty reform in the context of global abolitionism, British Journal of Criminology, March 2013, (20 pages)

• Mongolia takes ‘vital step forward’ in abolishing the death penalty, Amnesty
International, January 5, 2012

On the death penalty for drug-related crime in China, Yingxi BI, Human rights and drugs, Volume 2, No.I, 2012 (16 pages)

• Little opposition to death penalty in Japan, Deutsch Welle, March 1, 2013

Indonesia urged to halt planned executions, Amnesty International, May 13, 2013

Taiwan : Reinstate Moratorium on death penalty, Human Rights Watch, April 25, 2013

Civil rights groups worried over executions in India, The Hindu, April 15, 2013

• Death penalty scapped for women, Singapore, Senior Reporter, July 21, 2012

• Secrecy makes death penalty worse : prisoner rights advocate, July 5, 2012

• ‘Hsichih Trio’ are finally freed, Rich Chang, Taipei Times, September 1, 2012

• Singapore’s death penalty practice raised at UN consultation, TR Emeritus, June 30, 2012

• Take these men off death row, July 6, 2012, The Hindu

• Constitutional Court Upholds Death Penalty, Jakarta Globe, July 19, 2012